Monsaraje Goddess Ring in Platinum, Diamonds & Indicolite Tourmaline with two Pink Sapphires

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Goddess is a divine creature of extraordinary beauty. She is full of unconditional love and wisdom. She is capable to change the world with just a blink of her eyes. In Monsaraje we are convinced every woman is a goddess who needs to be greatly admired and adored. All women deserve excellence. We created Goddess Ring for each one of you. The center stone of Goddess Ring is indicolite tourmaline with two pink sapphires by its sides. Indicolite tourmaline is a crystal of spirit and peace. Pink sapphires bring the wisdom of resilience. They stimulate emotions and encourage love and forgiveness.



Platinum set with diamonds totaling 1 carat. The center indicolite tourmaline is 4.5 carats. Pink sapphires are totaling 2 carats.



Delivered in Original Monsarage Gift Box. Certificate/Appraisal is available for this product from Monsarage Co. 


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“All my jewelry pieces are created with a purpose. I’ve made them to honor the beauty of a woman and to celebrate life and love”. That is what Aleksander Yusupov, a designer behind a high-end jewelry brand Monsaraje, says about his exquisite handmade collections. Being a true visionary, Aleksander is able not only to design spectacular gemstone pieces but also install the symbolism and intimate meaning into each of them.

Growing up in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in a religious family of a watchmaker, his love for designing jewelry started in early ages. Aleksander spent days in his father’s studio watching how he worked. Not much time passed when his older brother joined the father and started to design jewelry by his side. Aleksander decided to follow the family path at 14 years old and since then the craft of making jewelry has become his lifelong passion, the reason why he wakes up in the morning, and what he dreams about when he goes to bed at night.

At the age of 16, Aleksander moved to the United States. He right away started to work as a jeweler in New York City rapidly getting recognition for his natural talent. It didn’t take long before established luxury brands started to express an interest in a young artist. Over time Aleksander Yusupov has designed jewelry for such world-known companies as Cartier, David Yurman, and Jacob & Co. However, his true aspiration has always been to create his own unique jewelry collection through which he can express his perception of the Universe, God and a bond between a man and a woman as the ultimate way to achieve true success in life. And this is how Monsaraje has been born.


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